Summer ’17 Collection Part 1

Part 2 is coming out next Friday!



My summer designs are coming out this FRIDAY!. I have 4  parts of this collection That will be released every Friday of this month.



These designs are hotter than the summer…

Not Your “typical blogger”


Allow me to introduce myself, my name is….QUEEN!

Yes, that’s really my name I am not named after Queen Latifah , Queen Elizabeth, (ETC). My name is quite unique i guess because, every time when i  introduce myself to others they’re like “OMG THAT’S A COOL NAME!, or they be like “what?”. When I go to Starbucks and when they ask for my name, I always say my middle name Angela because the looks on the employees faces with confusion when i say my real name drives me crazy inside…. I JUST WANT MY FRAPPUCCINO so yeah… I just give them my middle name…


I am 19 years old. I love fashion and I aspire to be a model, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. I have a lot of plans with this blog and i hope to inspire and connect with others globally. “TimelesslyVersatile” is more than just a username. Its a brand and a movement. Timeless content with versatility that does not expire but it inspires. My designs are always “outside of the box” and authentic with originality. Follow me to see more greatness!..